Alexander L. Lashenko
aka San Base

Systems Programmer / Digital artist
Address: 120 Theobald's circle, Richmond Hill,
Ontario, Canada.

Phone: 905-884-8177

A programmer is not a profession. It is a diagnosis...




15C/C++ application development for all platforms (Unix, Windows, RT11 etc).
10+Systems development in UNIX.
10Infrastructure design and architect (hardware, system software).
10Development of DBMS
5TCP/IP application development.
7Computer graphics and digital Art. (OpenGL,DirectX,GLSL etc)
5Unix systems administrator (BSD/OS, SUN Solaris and SCO).


I am the author of the object-oriented Database Management System ConteXt. This DBMS has more 1000 installations in several countries (Canada, USA, Russia and Ukraine).
Also I’m author of the Dynamic Painting technology. My artworks have been shown on several exhibitions around the world (
I have extensive knowledge in the following:

  • The development complex program systems.
  • UNIX system programming that includes inter-process communication pipes, FIFO, multithreads, sockets, shared memory and signals. (Expert level)
  • Computer graphics and visual Art.
  • Electronics and computers.


    Softex+ Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
    System Programmer/Architect
    From August 2003.

  • Developing high quality video content for TiVo and DISH. Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Rhozet Carbon, tsMixer etc.
  • Developing JavaScript application for EchoStar
  • Design and implementation 2D graphical system (dynamic painting). Language: C++, OpenGL, GLSL
  • Design 3D engine in framework of the “Smart House” project.
  • Designed and implemented workstation activity monitoring system, achieving increased workplace productivity. C++Builder, MVS, Windows XP/2000. Technology: Client-server, TCP-UDP, multithread, VoIP. Language: C++, PHP.
  • Designed and implemented a proprietary light weight graphical remote terminal system. C++/Java. MVS, J-Builder, Windows XP/2000, Unix.

    Cryptologic Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
    Senior Software Developer
    From November 1999 to August 2003. Permanent.

  • I was responsible for the development of server part of Internet Casino. Multiprocess, multithread, multicomputer client-server project. Language: C++. OS: FreeBSD, BSD/OS, SUN-Solaris.
  • Design and development of the tools for remote monitoring of the Internet Casino. Languages: C++,JAVA. OS: FreeBSD, SUN-Solaris, and Windows NT.
  • Design and development of the Secure Shell Java-Applet for access via Internet from any Java capable browser to UNIX server. Language: Java. OS: Windows 2000.

    Metex Systems Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
    Senior Programmer Analyst, System Administrator
    From August 1998 to November 1999. Permanent.

  • Development of the Internet based application for customer service of large Telephone Company. Language: C++, Pascal (Delphi), HTML, and XML/XSL.
  • Internet based application for Real Estate Company. Language: JAVA, HTML. DBMS: ORACLE. Developing was done in NT environment but implementation was in UNIX (SUN SuperSparc, Solaris). Technology: Java Servlet.
  • C-based library for high-speed search in the large databases (more 1.000.000 records). Language: C, OS: Solaris 2.6 Tool: SUN WorkShop.

    The environments are Windows/NT 4.0, Windows 95 and Solaris. Tools: J-Builder, C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi. DBMS: ORACLE and InterBase. At the same time, I'm the UNIX System Administrator of Solaris 2.6 system (SUN) and the Network administrator of the NT servers and workstations (more 50 computers).

    A-1 SkyWays., Peterborough, ON, Canada
    System Developer, System Architect
    From September 1996 to August 1998. Contract.

  • Design developing and implementation of the management system for small businesses. This system includes point of sale (POS), accounting, inventory, payroll and other parts to form a complete system to financially manage a business. I worked alone as the designer of both software and hardware. The system is a UNIX based server with WYSE terminals as working stations for the sales force. My responsibility included development, implementation and system administration functions. Source code: C, Length: 12,000 lines. Database: ConteXt.

    Unitex Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine
    Founder of Unitex, CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

  • I have been developing the Data Base Manager System ConteXt for UNIX platform. It's a network DBMS for complex data structure. Source code: C, YACC. Length: 65,000 lines. The system uses client-server technology and X-Windows environment.
  • Design and developing of the information system for the Pension Found of Ukraine. Implementation was done in 720 branches. Language: C, C++. Operation System: UNIX (BSD), WIN-95.
  • Design and developing General Manager System for UKRRECHFLOT – the biggest shipping company of Ukraine. Language: C, C++. Operation System: UNIX .
  • Design, developing and implementation of the automation system of passport control for the international airport of Kiev. Language: C. Operation System: UNIX (Linux), MS-DOS.
  • Developing automation banking system for Kiev People Bank.. Language: C, C++. Operation System: UNIX (SCO), Windows 3.11.

    Senior Research Engineer, Chief of laboratory

    The first three years I worked as a developer of electronic devices. We designed floppy and optical (CD-ROM) drives. I was a manager of the developer division (15 workers). I was involved in the design and implementation of the hardware and software for designing and testing these devices. I developed a mathematical model of the magnetic read/write process. I designed the hardware, interface and programs to explore this process. Gradually I moved from hardware to software and the last three years I worked basically as a programmer and system administrator.

    The software had been developed on RT-11, UNIX and MS-DOS in FORTRAN and C languages.
    The hardware: from VAX and PDP-11/70 to IBM-PC and SUN Workstation

    Research Engineer.

    I was involved in designing and testing some military and space projects. I designed the interface between main computer and the heat sensors on the re-entry shield of the Soviet Union Space Shuttle, "Buran".


  • Izhevsk Technical University., Izhevsk, USSR
    Masters Degree in Computer Science

  • Diploma of Fine Art School, Izhevsk, Russia

  • Post-graduate Institute of Management, Kiev, USSR
    Diploma: Computer Engineer - Systems Integrator