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UnixSpace represents a list of products designed for remote access of Unix servers from Windows workstations. All programs can be used either freely, or as evaluation copies without any limitations. Evaluation copies are fully identical to commercial versions.

UnixSpace Graphical Terminal

UnixSpace terminal - it's a graphical Telnet/SSH client for Windows. Protocols: telnet, SSH1, SSH2 and rlogin. The program consist of two parts: UnixSpace terminal and SSH Proxy Server. The SSH proxy can be used independently. The terminal is capable of emulating Linux and FreeBSD console, VT220, ANSI, and its own UnixSpace terminal. In the last instance the terminal has 256 colors, 4 fonts with 4 modes (bold | italic) , and is able to display various graphical objects (lines, rectangles, curves, etc) as well as display gif and jpeg images. Besides terminal allows execution of Word, Excel, HTML, and other types of documents located on the Unix server.
UnixSpace terminal has 4 virtual consoles, each with individual configuration. In other words you could open 4 different sessions and be able to switch between them. It's practically a new type of a terminal device. If you want to use it in full power, you should also download the set of tools for Unix (see below).
Platform: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP.

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UnixSpace telnet applet

UnixSpace Java telnet applet has the same functionality as the UnixSpace Graphical Terminal, with exception of access to clipboard and emulation of various terminals. Applet supports telnet protocol and emulates only UnixSpace terminal, but with all its capabilities, such as graphics and virtual consoles. Unlike the application, the applet can be executed on any PC that has a java-supported web-browser.
Download (Java, source code included)

Screen Library and Set of Tools

For realization purposes of a new client-side device on the Unix side, the input-output library was developed written in C and C++ languages. The library comes with full a source code (GNU license) and can be easily compiled on any Unix-compatible platform (including Linux of course).
Besides the library, various system utilities were developed, such as file manager, text and binary editors which are distributed freely along with the source code under GNU license.
Download (Unix, source code)

WEB server

To accomodate connections with the server from behind a firewall, a version of a simple web server was developed which allows opening of a telnet session through port number 80. Besides the standard keywords such as GET and POST, the server understands the keywords TELNET and SECURE as well. In the first case, a 'telnetd' session is opened, in the second - the session will be encrypted. Source code for the server is distributed freely.

Download (Unix, source code)

Real-time Monitoring Systems

1. Boss Eye : has been developed for companies where employees can be located in different places (including at-home work) but manager wants to know what's going on. He can take a quick look at the monitor and will see full real-time picture of the employee's activity. This information includes two parameters: a screenshot of his monitor as well as the time since the last user's action (using mouse or keyboard).
(Windows NT/2000/XP).
Cost: $39.95 Download

2. Candid Check : Hands-free monitoring of networked classrooms. Candid Check allows teachers, librarians and supervisors to determine each studentís progress at a glance. Candid Check continually scans all workstations and broadcasts its content on the teacherís display in real time. (Windows NT/2000/XP). Cost: $89.95 Download

DBMS ConteXt

And finally our primary product - database management system ConteXt. ConteXt is an interactive DBMS of a new generation. It supports context data model that includes relational, network, partially hiearchial, object-oriented, and attribute-value architecture. ConteXt allows easy development of complex interactive applications accessible through the Internet. Main features of ConteXt is fast operation speed, short learning curve, and a typical user interface. The description of ConteXt is here: Current version: V.5.7
ConteXt is distributed in two versions - multi-user system for Unix, and stand-alone system for Windows. Multi-user version of ConteXt for Windows is currently under development. Physical format of data does not depend on the system. Access to the DBMS is possible through Terminal application, or the Terminal applet, so before installation the DBMS, make sure to install one of those programs first. In case of ConteXt for Windows it is not necessary because the terminal is included in the package.

Download: FreeBSD/Linux (source code)
Download: Windows (binary). Samples included
Archive (GPL) V.3.8 V.4.3

Samples of applications

For quicker learning of ConteXt you can download example applications showing various aspects of developing the ConteXt database. Even though the data format is not dependant on the platform, ConteXt class methods are either programs (in Unix), or DLL's (in Windows), so the examples are not fully compatible. Note, it dosen't make sence without DBMS ConteXt!

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CyberArtist Screen Saver

The SyberArtist by San Base is a set of next generation screensavers that combine the beauty of conventional paintings with the real-time graphic capabilities of the modern computers. The screensavers utilize the immense processing power of modern video cards (GPUs) to generate infinite number of images that rival most of the conventional contemporary paintings that cost thousands of dollars. The dynamic painting technology developed by San Base and used in SyberArtist screensavers has been described as a revolutionary art of the 21st century and it has paved a road for a new use of computer graphics technology. The real-time exhibits of dynamic paintings have been seen in various galleries throughout the world (US, Spain and Canada) and now you can find the same award-winning technology on your own desktop.
Platform: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP.

Download (Windows)